Forge World release Carmine Dragon

Carmine DragonForge World have added the 28mm Carmine Dragon figure to their online store.

From their announcement:

Carmine Dragon
Carmine Dragons are strange and rare beasts even amongst their storied kin; born, it is said, when a dragon’s lair is saturated by the Amethyst wind of Death, the power of Shyish gathering and magnifying within the heart and soul of the beast yet to hatch.
Carmine Dragons (sometimes known in dark legend as Encarmine Dragons) are named for their scales, which darken from a deep, ruby red when young to a purple so dark as to be almost black when they age, and many ancient tales hold them as spectres of death. Sinister, clever and deadly creatures, they are reputed to be found in murky swamps, ancient battle sites and the ruins of fallen cities – anywhere where the echoes of death and destruction on a grand scale will feed their power and the whispers of the dead will echo in the darkness of their lair.

The Carmine Dragon, model designed by Trish Carden, is a complete resin kit packed with intricate detail that stands a majestic 8″ (203mm) tall. Poised to unleash the devastating power of its magical breath, the Carmine Dragon has a 5″ (125mm) wingspan and makes an ideal centrepiece for any Warhammer army.

  • Dead Kennedy

    That is a damn handsome dragon! 55 gpb isn’t bad either.

  • Will B

    May just be the angle but those wings look too small.

  • Spartan

    Looks like you can actually use/sub it in games. As the base isnt stupidly huge like some of FWs other models.
    I wonder how hard it will be to place a rider on its back?

    • Veritas

      Supposedly there is human female wizard coming out that is intended to ride this dragon.

      My only problem is that if you look on the FW website at the model’s back it seems to have a split down the middle where some metal plates are coming out. I think that’s kind of goofy looking.

  • ScoutII

    The wings are on the small side…but in proportion to the GW dragons (which have small wing/body ratios as well) – though this one is definitely less cartoony. Don’t think I will be picking this one up…though I have been eyeing the Fire and Chaos dragons from FW, though they come at a significant increase in price.