Forge World preview Venerable Dreadnoughts and mystery figure

Forge World have posted details of their upcoming Space Wolves and Raven Guard Venerable Dreadnoughts as well as revealing the details of their mystery figure.


From their announcement:

Space Wolves and Raven Guard Venerable Dreadnoughts
We have two new chapter-specific MKIV Venerable Dreadnoughts, one for the Space Wolves and one for the Raven Guard; both are superbly detailed models designed by Simon Egan. Venerable Dreadnoughts themselves are powerful fighting machines; Heavily armed and armoured robotic frames housing the remains of a legendary chapter hero recovered from the battlefield on the verge of death and encased in Dreadnought armour to serve the chapter with glory for centuries to come.

As with all of our dreadnoughts these models do not come with arms, but instead are compatible with our existing range of MKIV Dreadnought Weapon Arms sold separately.

The Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought as befits the individualistic and savage warriors of Fenris is bedecked in runic carvings depicting the fabled sagas and warlike exploits of the venerated warrior within. It mounts the proud wolf’s head iconography of the chapter, and the skull and pelt of one of the legendary Thunderwolves forms the Dreadnought’s personal banner.

The Raven Guard Venerable Dreadnought belongs to a grim and darkly mysterious chapter. The Raven Guard are the masters of the unseen war, of terror and the execution of the brutal and overwhelming killing blow. The Dreadnoughts of the Raven Guard are often employed as part of that final death strike against the heart of the enemy, erupting from drop pods to sow havoc and destruction. The Raven Guard Venerable Dreadnought carries both the raven-symbol of the chapter on its carapace and banner, as well as various skulls and memento mori that speak of this shadowed chapter’s obsession with fear, fate and death.

Both of these Venerable Dreadnoughts are available to pre-order now for release the week commencing the 25th of January.

The Mystery Revealed – Ork Boss Mek Buzzgob.
With the third part of our mystery Jigsaw image I can reveal the hidden model to be Mek Boss Buzzgob, one of the special characters to be found in the forthcoming Imperial Armour Volume 8. Buzzgob, a marvellously characterful Ork model designed by Mark Bedford, is a particularly infamous Big Mek, about whom more will be revealed later, and comes with his two favoured grot ‘ elpers, and can of course be used to represent an Ork Big Mek in your army.

Buzzgob and his ‘elpers are also available to pre-order now for release the week commencing the 25th of January.