Forge World pre-releases at GD UK

Forge World will have two more pre-release items available at Games Day UK.

Necron Tomb Stalker

From their announcement:

Necron Tomb Stalker
Designed by Will Hayes, the Tomb Stalker is a previously unseen type of Necron construct. This intricately detailed full resin kit can be constructed in a huge variety of dynamic positions as you can see in these images, and is supplied with a sprue of plastic necron green rods with which to complete construction.

Armed with potent Gauss weaponry and razor-edged talons, the Tomb Stalker adds a devastating mix of firepower and combat ability to a Necron army, and Imperial Armour writer Alan Bligh has put together a set of experimental rules for this sleek and ancient instrument of destruction, that are available to download here (PDF link).

Exclusively available as an advanced pre-release at Games Day UK, this technological terror is priced at £36 and will be available in limited quantities.

Grot Mega Tank
Designed by Stuart Williamson, the Grot Mega Tank represents the pinnacle of Gretchin-built Heavy Tank technology; an overpowering war machine that drives all before it in a storm of scrap and destruction. This full resin kit is festooned with unique details as you can in the images, and Stuart has designed each turret to be fully cross-compatible with Daren Parrwood’s Grot Tanks.

Hammered together out of junk, spare Mekboy know-wotz and unbridled Grot enthusiasm, the Grot Mega Tank adds even more firepower to the battlefield madness that has come to be known as a Grotzkrieg, terrifying Imperial Tacticians, Eldar Farseers and Chaos Warlords alike. Taking a brief break from his work on The Badab War Part II, Alan Bligh has created a set of experimental rules for the Grot Mega Tank that you can find here (PDF link).

Exclusively available in limited numbers at Games Day UK, this devastating war machine is priced at £62.