• That is how the Storm Raven should have looked…

    …and it would have cost £40-00 less than this Storm-Eagle.

    I guess the lack of fanfare for this kit is because they don’t want too many people to realise just how dire the GW Storm Raven kit really is?

    This is a really nice looking beast… I’d like to see it from a few more angles though.

    • BaconSlayer

      I think the lack of fanfare and angles is that it is currently a leak.

      • It’s posted on their site.. how is that a leak?

        • BaconSlayer

          Because Forgeworld still needs to LRN2INNRNETS. They are notorious for publishing sites that don’t have active links before they announce them in the newsletter or at an event.

          • metalsifter

            That still doesn’t mean it’s a “leak”, only that someone at FW is a technical Luddite.

            A leak is when someone within GW, who has access to information that has not been released at all, lets it out before the scheduled date. For whatever reasons, maybe revenge, disgruntled staff etc.

  • txMaddog

    Orks would loot this, unlike the Storm Raven!! 🙂 Gork & Mork Approved!!

  • Jeremy

    Looks like a GI Joe toy. 🙂

  • pagumb

    “You got your barracuda in my stormraven!”

    “No, you got your stormraven in my barracuda!”

    • Arrrrgg.. I was about to make a joke about a Baracuda humping a Storm Raven..

  • warpcrafter

    My Space Wolves want three of these, NOW!!!

  • skullking

    this looks pretty cool! But to be fair, I liked the Storm Raven already, so it’s just more of a good thing!

  • Wow, have the techmarines really started just trying to outdo the Imperial Navy? Why do all space marine aircraft look like Vogons built them? Still looks a lot better than the Raven, but not quite getting it in the bigger picture – surely a VTOL fighter would be more suited to a SMs reactions and requirements – there’s plenty of Thunderhawks kickin about for bomber/transport roles after all.

    Chaos get all the cool toys. (Yes, I’d like a similar vehicle to a Helltalon – just less chaosy)

    This is more “how many varieties of the same chassis can we do?”. The Cestus at least feels like it belongs in its role. And why not just make a proper Stormbird? Most of the other pre-heresy has been catered for already.

    • Soulfinger

      VTOL? That’s crazy talk! This is the Grim Future of 40k where spacecraft look like flying cathedrals. These things are sleek as hell compared to the original Thunderhawk: http://solegends.com/citcat9x3/c92415epicimpwarmachines-01.htm

      • LOL I had several of those original thunderhawks many moons ago.

        Love the look of this model.

    • metalsifter

      So have the Adeptus Mechanicus found more STC templates or something? I thought they couldn’t “innovate” since a lot of technology was lost.

      Or has that been ret-conned or “forgotten about”.

  • faultie

    I wonder if this is geneologically related to the Adeptus Arbites “Eagle” ships. It looks to match the description from Execution Hour and BFG, so it might make a great base for one, but converted for Autocannons and the like.

  • Incredible how much better this looks compared to the regular flying dumpster. It’s kinda cool seeing marines in army green too, gives a bit of an Aliens drop ship feel to it.

  • Myrthe

    I like this so much better than the Storm Raven. Unfortunately, I don’t like the 80 GBP ($120 USD) price tag !!!

    • Myrthe

      For that much, I expect to be able to fly it with a remote control and have it make “pew pew” noises so I don’t have to !!!