Forge World has new Warpfire Dragon

By Polar_Bear
In Age of Sigmar
Mar 17th, 2012

Forge World wows us again with their new Warpfire Dragon model. That is one awesome figure right there.

From the article:

The fell beasts named by scholars as Warpfire Dragons are hateful and ruinous creatures, albeit thankfully a rare sight in the Old World. Their long, charred-black bodies constantly twitch and shudder as if tormented by unseen blades, and clusters of strange crystals mar their scaled hides. The very air about them throbs with tainted power, and their breath is like no other dragon’s; a coruscating blast of scintillating red-black lightning that can scorch even ethereal spirits and other creatures of magic.

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  • warpcrafter

    I’m not impressed. The head looks like a rush job, and the megalith it’s perched on looks like an ornate phallus.

  • Soulfinger

    I wonder if there is a business strategy behind Forge World doing these half-assed sculpts. Not to say that I wouldn’t be suitably impressed if this were offered by a different company, but considering what a FW model costs, it has to be brilliant.

  • Veritas

    As far as Forgeworld goes this dragon is dirt cheap at 40 pounds. That said, it does look a bit hastily done. And are they EVER going to finish the infantry and cavalry selections for the Chaos Dwarfs from their last book?! Well, I suppose they could be taking cues from their parent company who leave armies half finished for years or even full editions. (They HAVE been getting better lately I must admit.)

  • cama

    FW has had some awfully weak stuff out lately.