Forge World has new Diemos pattern Predator

Forge World gives your Marines a bit more firepower with the Diemos pattern Predator tank.

From the release:

The Predator is a highly effective medium tank designed to provide Space Marine detachments with heavy fire support in the heat of battle. An ancient and revered design, cited by the Codex Astartes as a spiritual mentor, no less, there are almost as many patterns of Predator as there are of the ubiquitous Rhino hull it is based upon. One such variant is the Deimos Pattern, manufactured in the vast forges that occupy the moons of Mars.

  • I’m sure someone will be able to make one of these look nice.. but the overall look just seems like they’re moving in a really bizarre direction.
    That’s not GW-hate. I think they have a wealth of resources at their disposal and are capable of amazing things.. It seems like it’s got a bit of an identity crisis between hi-tech and low-tech. GW needs to release a new game IMO that IS high tech so they can separate their design philosophies a little better.. Before anyone calls that blasphemy.. consider that they have LoTR and WHFB.. I’m just proposing something along these lines.. only as a Sci-Fi counterpart. More along the lines of a world like the Blade Runner type stuff or Tron or other more hi-tech.

    • Absolutionis

      It’s meant to be an ancient design.

    • Bobofreak

      I couldn’t disagree more I think it looks great. Prefacing your statement with “That’s not GW-hate” does not make your statement any less “hateful” Whether you are or are not you are generally perceived as a GW hater.

      • People have a tendency to assume that criticism = hate. That’s why I said that it’s not.

    • scarletsquig

      As it happens, I just watched Blade Runner for the first time a few hours ago. If anything, the setting reminded me more of the 40k universe than anything else, in terms of monolithic scale and bleakness. 🙂

    • The LoTR GW range is a licensed range and part of the license is that it cannot be mixed with WHFB or indeed if a customer goes in to a GW store and asks for LoTR, they cannot then try to sell them WHFB or 40K. So there is a very good reason that the two are running side by side.

  • TGN Ross

    No need to pick on anyone here guys.

    The first statement was much more opinion about the model and GW’s direction. I dont want to have to go and censor a bunch of stuff.

    Keep the conversation about the model, and not about people. 🙂

    • People automatically assuming that anyone who has a criticism of GW is a biased hater is growing extremely old… as is the “they can do no wrong” mentality of people who insist on trying to diminish the opinions of others. Like you said.. I was simply stating my opinions.

      • Lemminkaeinen

        I have never ever met anyone who thinks that GW can do no wrong. Seriously, during the 20+ years in the hobby I’ve never met someone like that. But there’s a lot of people who post a negative comment on most GW news items on this site, which is somewhat tiresome.

  • Cherno

    I gotta say that it looks like a strange mix of archaic and futuristic elements. The turret and cannon are very sleek, but I don’t like the sponson gun and exhausts sticking out from the sides, to me they almost look like an afterthought.

    • Thank you! Someone else who actually looked at it in detail!

      • Cherno

        You’re welcome.

  • Urlock Gaur

    My biggest criticisms of GW design decisions are that they stick to a strict pattern. Military industry in WWII found that sloped armor and low profiles were better overall for armored warfare. Why on earth would the smartest guy in the empire, the emperor, create STC machines that have forgotten about military engineering. I keep looking for a really good sci-fi game that makes sense. Infinity is cool but better for true skirmish. So, still looking.

  • Cherno

    Well, apllying a realistic approach to WH40K is kinda moot, I meant just look at it.

    Also, maybe plasma and laserbolts and all that stuff flying around on the battlefields of the grim, dark future ™ just outright ignores sloped armor, or something 😉

    • Urlock Gaur

      Good point. I keep forgetting about Star Wars physics and the suspension of disbelief. Man am I getting old.

      • cama

        Star Wars was a long time ago.
        I find your lack of faith disturbing. LOL

  • scarletsquig

    To everyone commenting – this model is supposed to look like the original old-style predator from 2nd edition and possibly rogue trader.

    The weapon also looks like a rogue trader-style conversion beamer or something.

    Also, it is established in the 40k background that stuff from the “lost dark age of technology” was more advanced and sci-fi than what is currently around. So, to someone not familiar with 40k, the design choice might seem odd, but if you are familiar with the background, it makes perfect sense. 🙂

    • I have a number of 2nd edition and rogue trader vehicles..
      I think you are missing my point entirely. It’s not about the theme.. it’s about the specific details they put together to attempt to achieve that theme.. I don’t think they picked a good combination to portray what they were going for.

    • Ghost

      Yep, it’s a nod to the ORIGINAL Predator but relies on the modern rhino kit – hence the fusion of elements.

      April 1989

  • Zombie_Taco

    You guys who dont like it are stupid! LOL I kid

    I feel this discussion is going quite friendly and well mannered.

    I am looking at their other ‘heresy’ era rhinos and they have the same exhaust style as this, which is slightly reminiscent of the rogue trader plastic kits. I guess that was the designers choice to put his own mark on it. I feel they are a little far out to the sides, but that’s me.

    The turret looks like its from a t-62 tank – the 60’s cold war designed one. I dont see the modernness in it. nor in the martian ray gun sticking out of the front. LOL! Pzaaap!

    the funky sponsons seem to emanate from a lot of the older rogue trader vehicles – before they had kits for the predator – check out the RT book with the proto land raider’s guns. maybe that was their way of slapping some sci-fi in their tank designs and the FW followed suit. again using the pre-kit days in design.

    of course the heresy era is supposed to be where some of the little bit of technological advancements they got were again lost due to the civil war. maybe FW is trying to capture the Sci-fi mixed with Dark age tech. whether they succeeded or not is another issue and probably in the eye of the beholder.

  • Yep, I have one like that, from the old days. Perhaps staff cut-backs mean that they will just be doing re-treads of old models.

    • cama

      Nice pun!

  • Kolonel K

    Whether it’s meant to look like a Rogue Trader-era Predator or not, it’s awful. It looks like a 10 year old sat down for half an hour with a bitz box and slapped it together.

  • Curt

    I always find it odd that GW/Forgeworld often get their designs ‘backwards’ in relation to the established theme and timeline of the 40K mythology.

    Basically the technology of the human Imperium in the 40th millennia is winding down and getting worse. Technology is getting more ‘clunky’ and harder to maintain/repair as the loss of memory and dogmatic resistance to change increases. So, in this dystopian environment the earlier (older) the technology the better it should be – not the other way around. Earlier designs should be more powerful, sleek and elegant while the more contemporary gear should be a pale, clunky imitation.

    Anyway, just my observation.