Forge World releases Land Raider Variant

Forge World unleashes a new Land Raider variant, available to order now:

From their announcement:

The ancient and venerable Land Raider has served the Adeptus Astartes since its earliest beginnings, and many variants and patterns are recorded in the data-stacks of Mars. Adepts of the hallowed Adeptus Mechanicus collectively refer to the oldest of these as the ‘Proteus’ patterns, and examples of these mighty armoured vehicles that survive into the dark days of the 41st Millennium are held in the highest regard, war-relics beyond compare to the Chapters that possess them.

Believed by certain war-savants to be an example of sacred machine-evolution, the Land Raider Armoured Proteus displays early features of the MkIIb Land Raider, enclosing its twin-linked lascannons in bulky armoured sponsons and adding to this formidable anti-armour firepower with a limited traverse twin-linked heavy bolter recessed into the forward hull armour.

The Land Raider Armoured Proteus, designed by Phil Stutcinskas, is a highly detailed full resin kit, linking the design of our various Land Raider kits together and providing an excellent centrepiece for any Space Marine force. The side sponsons feature blank doors, and in addition the side hatches from our Rhino Door Sets are fully compatible with this kit just as the side doors from our Land Raider Door Sets are with the standard Land Raider Proteus. This kit is available to order now for immediate despatch.

  • Borzag

    So… it’s a recast of the old plastic version?

    • Veritas

      Dude, have you seen the old plastic version? While the aesthetics are purposefully similar, they are like night and day.

      • Borzag

        Want to not be a smartass, but I find it difficult…..

        Do FW have dimensions on this thing? Getting together with mates tonight for a club night, and the host has 2 of the old LR’s. I can probably do a full side by side comparison if FW have more pics, but will need the actual dimensions to check the size.

        • Veritas

          While the treads look almost like copies the old Rogue Trader LR and this have many differences. I, too, have an old Rogue Trader LR. When you see your friend’s oldies look at the length of the body, the side sponsons, the positioning of the doors in relation to the sponsons, the front mounted heavy bolter, and, as Urlock is keen to point out, the front assault hatch. Although, if you’ve seen the original LR the “assault hatch” is just about big enough for a marine to maybe stick his arm out. Those iconic tracks make this look like a copy of the old plastic, but I guarantee you the differences are profound if you compare them side by side. Heck, just look up the FW pictures and then look on Dakka or somewhere. People have tons of the oldies painted online.

  • A blast from the past. Still got one of the old ones running around at the local club. A fiver each back in the day?

  • Urlock Gaur

    This kind of crap makes me laugh. The only people that will buy them are the ones that still brag about playing since Rogue Trader. At least the new one looks like guys could jump out and still go beat on someone, but where are the doors? Next thing they’ll do is release the old beaky marine kits as resin for $15 a guy.

    Dude, it’s like buying an overpriced rebuilt Pinto. While the aesthetics are purposefully similar, they are like night and day.

    • Veritas

      Did you look at the additional pictures on the FW website before deciding to hit post? Your snarky comments about lack of doors would have been unnecessary if you did.

      • Urlock Gaur

        The doors aim to the back. Not an assault vehicle without the quick front ramp.

  • Resin beakies were released months ago, and they’re 21 quid for a 5-pack.

    As to all the snark about the Rogue Trader-esque releases (far worse other places than here): customers want them. Customers buy them. Company makes money. Get over it.

    If someone wants to see something completely new and different, don’t go to a Games Workshop-owned website. It’s that simple.

    • And customers make comments.

      All part of the rich pageant that we call life.

  • Urlock Gaur

    Other than enjoying stirring up the fanboys I really don’t care. GW has gone stale to me. I’m hoping that the next edition of 40K makes it a better game but not getting my hopes up. Does irritate me a bit when they completely lose creativity and start trying to sell old crap repackaged as new crap. Like when they re-make an old movie. Total loss of new ideas.

    • Yep, I have to agree. When I see re-treads of iconic films, I have to think, “Has no one got imagination any more?”.