Force on Force e-books coming soon

By tgn_admin
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Apr 1st, 2011

Force on Force coverOsprey Publishing will soon be releasing eBook versions of the Force on Force rules.

From their announcement:

Osprey Publishing and Ambush Alley are proud to announce that e-book versions of the Force on Force rulebook and all of the companion books will be available as PDF e-books.

  • widgren

    this will be the book that the game back into this wargamer:)
    the wait was long but now ill enjoy my games even more.

  • Dead Kennedy

    I preordered the Force-on-Force hardcover off for 25 bucks, normally 40. A friendly heads-up, I was pretty pleased with the price.

    • widgren

      i got that deal too. i dont get how they can sell them at such a discount.

      • Zac

        Low overhead and they don’t tend to pay local taxes for the sales.

  • the Paper Warrior

    will someone who’s played this give a review please? All the info I’ve found is from their website and even their forum doesn’t really mention game mechanics much. Does it have a point system? how many minis on the table? any info would be appreciated. I’m looking for 15mm scifi skirmish rules and this may work. I can live without zombies and space-bugs (for now) as long as I can field my tanks/walkers and some troopers. Thanks in advance. A lot of people on the web are talking up this game but nobody’s saying why it’s good.

  • widgren

    oh! i didnt think about that.

    the paper warrior:
    check out the meeples and miniatures podcast. latest episode.
    good stuff. go to the ambush alley site and get the primer. its rather good.

    • the Paper Warrior

      thanks for the tip widgren. Meeples and Miniatures is a fun show. I’ll keep up with that one.