Flytrap Factory Opens its Doors

Flytrap Factory a New Zealand based miniature and collectibles design studio, is the result of the past 18 months of directed ambition:

From their website:

Good evening ladies and gents I am proud to announce that our modest new venture has finally opened its doors.

If you get a spare moment please feel free to drop by and have a look at what we do. We hope that you like what you see enough to want to keep coming back and checking out the latest madness to come from our studio.

Baron Trapdoor

  • EasyEight

    Very nice sculpts! What approximate scale are they? I have some of the Splintered Light 18mm Mouse Warriors, would yours be a good fit for them?

  • tomogui

    Whoa! These are some sweeeet sculpts indeed! All of a sudden I want to run some mouse adventures.
    Their site says these are 28mm, but they’re coming out with a 15mm Gaming range later. Prices are sorta on the high end, especially shipping, but it’s a small outfit just starting out, so I guess it’s understandable.