Flying Frog Productions launches Shadows of Brimstone board game Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Oct 23rd, 2013

Flying Frog Productions has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Shadows of Brimstone, their new horror/western board game. It’s already more than 5x their goal in funding and rising fast.


From the campaign:

Shadows of Brimstone is a fast-paced, Cooperative, dungeon-crawl boardgame set in the Old West, and mixed with Unspeakable Horror!

Players create characters, taking on the role of a classic Western Hero Archetype, such as the Law Man, Gunslinger, or Saloon Girl. Forming an adventuring posse, the Heroes venture down into the dark mines, overrun with all manner of ancient demons and foul creatures from another world. With tactical gameplay, lots of dice, and a robust card-driven exploration system, no two games are ever the same as the Heroes explore the mines finding new enemies to fight, new Loot to collect, and new dangers to overcome. Players can even find portals to other worlds, stepping through to continue their adventures on the other side!

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  • tankcommander

    Interesting comments from the backers on this one over 1200 and mostly all complaints and not much in reply from the project owners. Big fan of Flying Frog hope they sort this out soon to keep their good reputation.

  • miniroll161

    Been watching this and reading the coments and all I can say is “LOL” 🙂

    This should be a lesson in how not to run a kickstarter 🙂 Sure they have funded, but they have a lot of unhappy customers.

    Making people pay $150 more then someone else just cause the didnt back in the first few hours of it going live doesnt seem good business sense! It’s just gona pee everyone off!

  • joshuar56

    Seems really cool, but those pledge levels are ultra douchey… I can definitely see it stalling out if they anger the backers enough, which it seems they are doing.

  • 4tonmantis

    I don’t understand the problem..
    The core sets are $75.. the $150 is 2 of those and some other stuff.

    The Mine Cart thing is kinda crazy but I wouldn’t have ever gone in at that level anyway. If people dislike that, they should probably just back the core game and buy the other stuff at retail..

    • joshuar56

      Or not back the game at all to let the creators know they aren’t happy with it.

      • 4tonmantis

        Sure if people were going to pledge at that level.. but for the majority of people $75-$200 is more of an average pledge (based on other miniature KS). I’d be willing to bet the majority of people that are throwing their hands up over this have absolutely no intention of pledging at that level.

  • grimbergen

    Well if you believe the price of the addons is fair, those and the deluxe set value (approx $230 for the addons+$225 for the deluxe outlaw) already exceeds all except the latest $475 mine cart cost levels.

  • malwych

    Wow, I only just found this KS due to the news article on here. A little late to the party I guess. But I can instantly see why people are unhappy. It’s right up my street, but there’s no way I’d pay for the full ‘mine cart’ level, knowing that I’m being penalised for finding out about the KS late. These are just the crummiest, most mean-spirited and avaricious business practises I’ve ever seen. Added to that I’m in the EU, so I’d have to pay high shipping rates too… hopefully the game will get a proper release after the kickstarter is done, and I can just buy a copy from my FLGS!

    • 4tonmantis

      If you just want a copy of the core game, your argument isn’t valid.. because you wouldn’t be in for the mine cart anyway. Likewise.. if you wait until retail, you’ll be paying more than the current price.

      • malwych

        My argument is perfectly valid. I’m saying that I wouldn’t get the mine cart deal now, but I may still buy the basic game when it comes out.

        • 4tonmantis

          You can get the basic game right now.. it has it’s own pledge level.. and.. it includes stuff.. and is cheaper.. You’re slandering the company that’s doing the KS but then saying you’re willing to buy the boxed game after other people fund it.. and you’re happy to pay more than you normally would. The logic is flawed.