Fluo Games announcs partnership with Blacksmith Miniatures for Color Warz: Dark Threat model

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Oct 19th, 2013

Fluo Games has announced a partnership with Blacksmith Miniatures to create the Ronin on Toad model for their Color Warz: Dark Threat Kickstarter campaign.


From the update:

We now present to you our first realisation in partnership with a famous french publisher : Blacksmith Miniatures.

This model represents the Ronin before he becomes the Fallen One.
He explores the dark swamp on his giant toad. This is a poetic realisation.

This miniature is not locked, you can find it right now in the otpional stuff.

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  • joshuar56

    $30 models for a board game that already costs $400 isn’t what is going to help that project. Maybe after the second failure they will realize that not many people are going to pay that much for aboard game. Look at Journey, they know how to launch a KS. They are offering either plastic or resin. And that game is skyrocketing.

  • kakou

    @ Joshuar56, always the same comments about plastic VS resin. Please, note that this miniature is a crossover made for painters and collectors. It has nothing to do with the board game. So, maybe you are right regarding the “skyrocketing” with full plastic inside game boxes but no direct relationship with the current news. Fabien [FLUO Games]

    • joshuar56

      If that is your target customer then, I would say the market has decisively spoken that they aren’t interested in your figures for collecting or painting. It also appears that board gamers aren’t interested in it with only cardboard stands. So perhaps there just isn’t a big enough market for the game as it is. I hope that if you do try and launch it again, that you take some time to at least look into plastics. I could definitely see both Paint Brawl and Dark Threat being very successful if there were a more affordable miniatures option.

  • wittdooley

    Completely agree Joshua.

  • kakou

    @ Joshuar56, I already told you in a previous discussion that I agree with that point and that we think about including plastic miniatures in our games. However we are too small to make it for now. Maybe if we produced plastic miniatures in our games, we will make a success. But even if the miniatures pledges are quite expensive because of the manufacturing technology (resin), we propose one full board game with original gamepaly and graphisms for £30 and two compatible games for £50. Many games with plastic miniatures inside has no cardboard formula and are most expensive in terms of gaming. So, regarding the game there is no reason that it doesn’t work. Fabien [FLUO Games]

    • joshuar56

      Unfortunately, it seems pretty evident that the market just isn’t interested in the game with cardboard stands. I don’t think the price being competitive has much to do with it. The game strikes me as a very western style game, but it seems you are trying to package it as a euro style board game.

  • kakou

    @ joshuar56, your last comment is interesting. This time I may agree with you. A reboot on an european platform (Indiegogo, Ulule, etc.) is indeed one option if our KS is a failure. We now suffer of American market competition (comparison with big tabletop games companies, plastic miniatures polemics, etc.) but, at the same time we have not many American backers. Most of our backers are european. So we will see but we will not make lower prices, that is sure. Fabien [FLUO Games]

  • joshuar56

    I’m not talking about the site that you are trying to fund it on. I’m talking about the style of your game. The game seems designed for miniatures. Which is a very American type/style board game. Yet you are trying to sell the game with cardboard counters, which is more of a euro type/style game. So you have developed a game that doesn’t really have a target audience, at least not with the way it is set up right now. The cold hard fact is, you’re going have to make the game with affordable miniatures, or you’re going have to design a different game completely. You have a really cool concept, you just don’t know how to sell it. And I don’t think you even know who to sell it to.

  • blkdymnd

    I would agree with Joshua. Looking at the production, I thought it was a miniatures game, and would actually love to see an actual tabletop mini game using those. But when I looked at the gameplay and saw that it was basically an evolved Othello, I basically turned off. I hope you guys find your niche and are able to produce at some point,but I agree, it’s a confused concept.

  • kakou

    The thing is that we propose something different. We made board games to initiate people to wargames with an original universe. War without death. As many different things, it makes sense that we receive critics and skepticism. Things takes time to go on, that is right. I will no tell that it is an easy position to keep but this is what we do. the futur will tell us who is right. Fabien [FLUO Games]

  • Definitely- I thought it had miniatures in it as well. Something in the communication of that is off if we are getting the wrong vibe from what you are trying to kickstart.

  • ferk

    I love the minis personally and feel you’d have better luck with a simple rule game and a cool mini line. Resin isn’t really that expensive.