Flames of War Polish Armoured Train pictures

The Flames of War forum has a post with pictures of the Early War Polish Amoured train model.

  • Nosaj Verush

    Now I know where Khador got isome of it’s inspiration for it’s war engine.

  • mechjag

    These look great for FoW demo’s and scenerios but I don’t know if we’ll see them in tournaments.

    • They’re tournament legal, unless a local group houserules against it. Or were you asking about its effectiveness?

      • cybogoblin

        I think it’s more a case of tables not always being laid out with handy train tracks, or there being enough space for people to lay their own.

        • fattdex

          I think that is a concession TO’s are going to have to make when designing table layouts for EW. People running train’s should be bringing their own track, and EW tournaments simply may not be able to use some beautifully made but impractical scenic tables (or train players will just have to be stuck on certain tables). Can’t wait until a train has to face a train.

        • as79

          The train rules in Blitzkrieg deal with laying track and terrain, essentially you and the opponent pick 2 points on opposing edges and the track runs between them; either going around it (hills), making a bridge over it (rivers), or push it to the side (buildings).

          So a train is perfectly fine to take to a tournie, although it’s necessary for the player to have enough track for it (I’d imagine BF made the train to fit TT scale track, which is what Peter Pig uses).