Flames of War Know Your Enemy Force Dossiers and Vietnam update

The Battlefront website has new introductory documents for Flames of War gamers and there has also been an update posted about the status of their Vietnam war miniatures.

From their announcement:

A few months ago on the forum somebody posted a thread suggesting we made available some kind of summary sheet for each nation to help players understand all those things certain countries and divisions can do. We had that week been talking about the very same thing driven from feedback at a recent tournament when we kept hearing people saying “your force can do what!” enough times that we realised that although German players know exactly how Stormtrooper works most people don’t and when it is used before your eyes to change the course of a game it can come as a shock and leave you feeling overly surprised. As such we sat down to work out what you would need to help all gamers have a crib sheet for the other nations and we ended up creating “Know Your Enemy Dossiers”. Today you will be able to download the “sheet” for the Germans (20 pages) and the British (15 pages) and next week you will get the Soviet and US ones. These are as complete as we could make them and have every special national rule, character and divisional rule as well as a complete arsenal. These include everything up to and including a Bridge Too Far out next Feb so they will stay current until Easter next year when the first Italian book is out.

The only other issue I wanted to try and clarify was concerning the Vietnam models. Earlier this week I received a complaint from a group of gamers and Vietnam vets who were disappointed when their local store in Oregon told them that they would not be getting the models despite ordering them months ago. I was pleased to correct this error and put them in touch with our US team who are shipping their order to them right now, but it did highlight that there still seems to bee some confusion over this and what is going on.

The Vietnam range is available for sale through our online store and some stores around the world. Stock sold out fast, more has been made and more will be made until we are sure everybody who wants some gets it. If you are having any issues getting hold of anything drop us a line as I guarantee you that we will be able help you out and either get you what you want or point to you to a store who does have the product. Please remember not all stores had access to this range and should you hear that it is sold out or we did not supply a store it is best to check with us directly as not only can we get you what you want but hearing both sides of the story often helps shed a different perspective on things.

We realise now that what we imagined would be a simple solution to having these great models out was not handled as well as it could have been but the goal all along was to share the excitement that created this project with a wider audience. Aside from learning we always should make more even when you try and play things safe the other lesson we take away is that if how you get involved is not simple it absolutely takes the shine off the whole thing.

I will finish by saying that from everybody in the Battlefront, GF9 and Wargames Illustrated we wish you all a happy Christmas and New Year and although through the magic of technology there will be one last update next week NZ closes its doors today. See you all in 2010.