Flames of War articles and spotlights

The Flames of War website was updated yesterday with several new articles and product spotlights.

653. Schwere Panzerjägerabteilung (Elefants)
In December 1943, the Soviets began operations that would ultimately drive a wedge between Army Groups South and Centre. By late March 1944, Soviet forces had surrounded the important road junction of Tarnopol with the goal of securing the junction and the rail line from Odessa to Lemberg, which was vital to the German war effort. During this time, the 653. Schwere Panzerjägerabteilung was undergoing refit with the overhauled Ferdinands (soon to be renamed “Elefant”).

A Recce Over The Canal
As XXX Corps (30 Corps) sped forward to Arnhem they encountered numerous canals and rivers that crossed their path. The Germans knew these crossings were vital to the Allied advance and took every care to make sure they didn’t fall into enemy hands.

Personalising Your Army Kit Bag!
When we announced the Army Kit Bag we also mentioned that there would be a range of unit patches and name badges that you could purchase to help personalise your bag (and more importantly help you to tell which one is yours!).

A Bridge Too Far
We take a look at contents of the upcoming Operation Market Garden book, A Bridge Too Far.

Lt. Colonel Frost and Para Commanders (BR886)
On the afternoon of 17 September 1944, Frost’s 2nd Battalion landed on its assigned drop zone about six miles from the Arnhem Bridge. The battalion formed up and set off following the north bank of the Rhine.

Airlanding Anti-Tank Platoon (BBX18)
It was decided to equip the British Airborne forces with an anti-tank weapon in 1942, after considering a number of options it was decided to use the new 6 pdr gun. Unfortunately the 6 pdr’s standard carriage was too wide to fit into a glider, a new carriage had to be developed.