First Strike: BattleCorps Compilation coming soon

Catalyst Game Labs have announced that the second compilation of Battletech stories from BattleCorps will be available December 22nd, 2010.

From their website:

First Strike: BattleCorps Compilation Vol 2 ($14.95)

Three hundred years. An age of chivalry and brutality. Of star empires.

Princes and generals. Soldiers and spies. An age where heroes rally to hold back the darkness. And even the most unlikeliest of hands may determine the fate of millions. An age of duty, loyalty, and terrible choices.
An Age of War.

This compilation contains a selection of seventeen of 2005’s best fiction pieces, as well as an all new story by Steven Mohan, Jr.

Includes stories by: Randall N. Bills, Blaine Lee Pardoe, Jason Schmetzer, Jason Hardy, Jeff Kautz, Dan C. Duval, Loren L. Coleman, Kevin Killiany, Victor Milan, Phaedra Wledon, Steven Mohan, Jr., Dayle A. Dermatis and Lousa Swann.