First set of deleted GW metal figure codes

By tgn_admin
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Apr 7th, 2011

E-figures Distribution have posted a list of the first set of Games Workshop metal miniature codes that have been removed from their site.

  • Doc

    What does this mean for the consumer?
    Are the they gone completely, or are they mail-order only?

    • According to many people in the industry, GW is dumping all of their metals and will be replacing them with resin/plastic models(the same models, just cast in a different medium). They will likely be similar to the Privateer Press plastics.

      • Doc

        as long as the quality of the “character” models does not suffer. I find the CAD models coming out now, whilst stunning in all their largeness, are quite “soft”.

    • Zac

      What does this mean for the consumer?

      Until GW makes an official statement it is difficult to tell but I suspect that we have seen the end of metal figures from GW.

  • evernevermore (John)

    Resin sounds quite interesting

  • 4tonmantis

    The Chaos Dreadnought doesn’t need to be recast in a different needs to be completely redone.. it’s effin terrible..

    • cybogoblin

      Indeed. In fact, this would be a good opportunity for GW to resculpt a number of their older models. Sure, they’d much rather release new models in conjunction with a new army book, but it would be nice. How many Eldar players out there would gladly snap up some new Warlocks and Farseers?

  • 4tonmantis

    arg.. not to double post but I meant to also say that if this drives the costs up yet again people will be buying more FW than actual GW.. or.. other companies that offer similar models at a lower price.. Likewise, GW has attributed metal to their price hikes several times.. time to put your money where your mouth is GW.. if you remove that from the equation then we expect you to pass those savings along in the form of prices..

    • Gallant

      Sadly, that will not happen. Remember, a minuscule amount oil is used in plastic. This will be a fine justification for price hikes going forward as it has been in the past.

      I’m not being pessimistic here. GW initiated its change to plastics in the last decade and that corresponded with it’s meteoric price rise. GW will hike the prices if they’re made of plastic, resin, metal, or compressed corn smut. It’s not about the costs, it’s about the prices they can get away with.

  • BlazeXI


    this makes no sense. Must be a mistake.

    • Zac

      It must refer to the old Screaming Bell figure

  • 90-15 Yes GW said that was a mistake. The list above was given to us after we did a one of our Purchase Orders. The new list I posted has all of the GW metals that they have removed in the first wave.