First Exhibitor Hall Day at GAMA – TGN Broadcast

Hey guys,

Today was the first day that the exhibitor hall was open and there was some awesome stuff on the convention floor. While walking around and interviewing manufacturers at the show, I took lots of pictures of the hall.

When the hall closed at 6, they opened up a big ballroom for the attendees to play games with the manufacturers. I always think this is one of the best times for the show, as people get to play games with the people that make them in a fun and exciting environment.

Here is a link to the photo album on TGN Broadcast

The hall is open for another day tomorrow, and I look forward to another round of pictures and interviews.



  • papasmrf667

    Great Idea for convention coverage! Thanks for all the photos

  • Piranha

    Those Wrath of Kings miniatures are just wonderful!!!

  • Thanks for the coverage Ross. The new Dark Age and Wrath of Kings stuff looks awesome.

    But “Tentacle Bento”? Really? 😛

  • Lucas Blackwolf

    A little written description or a caption would go a long way – there are photos of some very interesting looking releases, but without any info on what it is or whom it’s from quite useless …

    • Grim6


      There are some very interesting looking games with no visible names or titles, etc. Even those with names are still a mystery. That P.O.W.E.R. game looks interesting, but I failed at Google when searching for it.

      • IndyMike

        I am glad it isn;t just me. I was surprised at how empty I came up in my search of P.O.W.E.R. Even BGG came up with nothing.

        It looks like a card game but I cannot tell what all the items on the back rack are.

        • Piston Honda


  • Thank-you for these! Quite interesting.

  • Piston Honda
    • IndyMike

      Based on another picture in the library, it is Dark Age.

  • That’s Dark Age and their sweet demo board.

  • 1voice2many

    Photo #21 is of “PeachSTATE” Hobby Distributors not “Peachtree”. You can look at the sign on the wall in the photo if you need help spellin’ it. ; )

  • Space Ghost

    Anyone have an idea what games were being played in photo # 98, 100 and 102 ?

  • Veritas

    I appreciate that you’ve put up some small captions, but can we get some more in-depth reporting on the games? You say you’re getting to play games with the staff of various companies, but I don’t see any writing about said games. For example, that “Wrath of Kings” game has some really nice looking models, but these pictures are the first I’ve seen anything about it. More info would be great!

  • TGN Ross

    Hey guys!

    Thank you for all the feedback!

    I will be doing alot more writing, but the show covers alot of stuff. I have interviews with a majority of the companies that talk about all the new games and product they have. Which will go up over the course of the next few days. I uploaded these images, with some short writing to provide a glimpse at what you were looking at.

    Sleep is important so I can have energy for the next day. 🙂

    The videos and written interviews will be up, for more coverage from the convention.