First Dead Walk Again Campaign

By tgn_admin
In Horror
Mar 1st, 2011

The Dead Walk Again team are having their first campaign using their zombie skirmish rules.

From their announcement:

Patrick and I are glad to post the first campaign for Dead walk Again : “Hope never dies”. It can be played with basic DwA rules or with the Left 4 Dead supplement. Each scenario could be played individually but to get the most from this supplement it would be better to play them as series of linked scenarios forming a campaign. Think of a campaign as a novel and each game you play is equivalent to a chapter in that novel. Your characters will develop over time and will have to face the ultimate test in the end.

We hope you will enjoy this new free supplement and you can now download it for free on our Yahoo group.

  • oldsalt

    Hate to be that guy…
    but this is image is copyright from The Walking Dead.

    • Zac

      I’ve removed it

  • Moavoamoatu

    Sorry but I didn’t intend to infrige copyright and the game is free. Are you the copyright owner oldsalt ?

    • Zac

      It doesn’t matter if he is.

  • Moavoamoatu

    Yes it does, so I could ask him if he would allow me to use this picture. All the pictures in the campaign and the rules are from an editor that allowed me to use the drawings of Sophian, a french artist who also allowed me to use them as long as the rules and the campaign are free. And he even did more as he sent me drawings I could not find on internet.