Firestorm Armada Perditor Leviathan preview

Spartan Games have posted a preview of the Firestorm Armada Perditor Leviathan spacecraft.

Perditor Leviathon

From their website:

Bigger than a….BIG THING!
I know, cheesy wordology there, but couldn’t resist it. When I started to create this model I never expected it to grow to this size. At 22cm it is the biggest Firestorm Armada model I have made to date, and probably one of the most detailed. Manufacturing a thousand plus of these is going to be fun for the mould room boys, but hey, they love it.

A shot along the length of the ship – not even started detailing the front end yet

The race that this brute belongs to are the Jowrion and this is a Perditor [Destroyer] Class Leviathan. The pictures you see here are work in progress, I’ve got a lot of detail to finish. More updates to follow as I finish the model off.

  • I’ve been trying not to hop on this bus for a while, but now I feel I need to present my bus pass: when are we getting new ships for the primary fleets? I’d kill for a Relthoza Leviathin, Dreadnaught, or geeze something to replace my god-awful Frigates. I like the idea of allied minor races, but should they really be getting all the cool toys we’ve been waiting for since the main rulebook?