Fireforge Games taking pre-orders for Deus Vult rulebook and Foot Sergeants

Fireforge Games has started taking names for people who want their Deus Vult Rulebook as well as their Foot Sergeants over in their webstore. Be the first gamer on your block with these items when they become available.

  • My gaming and modelling time is chock full for the next few months but I can see this being my new year plaything. Have been watching the range grow and holding off buying (mainly with a view to SAGA Crusades when that happens potentially late in 2013). With a crusades ruleset available I can see myself pulling the trigger early next year now.

    Would like to see a few inklings of gameplay and how it works though.

  • BurnDownTheSky

    I’m intrigued too. It was written by Alessio Calvatore, so I wonder if it like his LOTR rules (probably not…I don’t imagine GW takes too kindly to that) or his Mantic rules…or something completely different!

    I’m hoping the the latter, although I do admit I like LOTR.