FireBucket Games Kickstarter gets going

FireBucket Games has their T5 Kickstarter campaign up and running. Go check out their offerings and maybe pledge a couple bucks to the project if you want.


From the campaign:

Here’s a quick summery.

Full gaming table of modular city terrain.
Buildings for making tall towers, or single story.
Shipping containers that are scaled close to actual size.
Cool-looking stuff.
Just scroll through the pictures and tell me this stuff isn’t going to make your games more interesting.
We get a laser cutter, you get a better gaming experience.

  • mathieu

    A news entry for the announcement of their upcoming Kickstarter.

    A news entry for a preview of their upcoming Kickstarter.

    A news entry for the launch of their Kickstarter.

    I’m sure they are nice kids and all, but I find that much coverage in a little over a week a bit heavy…