Fire For Effect Studio, a new sculpting company offering online courses

Fire For Effect Studio is a new minis-sculpting company out there that’s also offering sculpting courses to help teach you how to do it as well.


From the announcement:

James Van Schaik is proud to announce the launch of his studio, Fire For Effect Studios. The studio will focus primarily on providing companies with high quality sculpts for their new and existing lines as well as providing hobbyists with eLearning courses in the field of sculpting.

The courses offered are high quality courses filmed in HD without time lapse on techniques. You see everything as it is done, clearly and concisely, so you can learn the skills you need for adding to existing models and miniatures or sculpting your own. The courses will include a virtual classroom, several modules for each course, PDF quick cheat guides, module notes and references for students. There will also be a course forum for one on one attention from James Van Schaik while you are learning.

These courses are designed for everyone, whether you are new to using putty to enhance your models and miniatures or not. All skill levels, all jobs, learning that is easy and enjoyable.

Fire For Effect Studio is happy to announce a Kickstarter, beginning November 18th, for anyone interested in the courses. They will be offering up to 75% off the regular price on the courses and will be offering many perks to those getting in on the ground floor.

  • 4tonmantis

    I’m confused.. the article reads like the courses already exist.. but.. they’re doing a kickstarter.. which.. is not going to allow a product that already exists.. but on the site, the courses aren’t actually there.

  • mathieu

    I like the idea of sculpting videos, but I’m not a fan of James Van Schaik’s “high quality” pieces for Wyrd or Mierce. Sign me up when JAG, Latorre, or Juan Navarro does the same kind of thing (i.e. not just filming them sculpt one mini, like in the JAG miniature mentor DVD)

  • f4estudios

    Check out my portfolio or blog for other samples of my work besides Mierce or Wyrd, Mathieu. But no worries, everyone has their favorites and I am no exception. I have my favorite comic artists and sculptors as well and I am always open to constructive criticism. The framework is created for the courses, 4tonmantis. The kickstarter is to fund the actual filming of the videos, which I have a videographer and editor who will be doing the filming so we get the best quality. It will also fund the classroom.