Finger and Toe releases The Wizard’s Tower

Finger and Toe have released a new fantasy terrain paper kit, The Wizard’s Tower.

The Wizards Tower

From their announcement:

Are you rogue enough to scale the fabled corkscrew tower of the wizard Constantin Ilya Tzarkosevich? Are you wizard enough to penetrate the passcodes of mage-locks? Are you hero enough to face the wizard recluse and his ghost bride? Which cupola is their bed chamber, which room the vault of her fabled dowry? Will you escape with treasures or run screaming through the streets of Drados pursued by Constantin’s venomous worms?

Finger and Toe Models announces the release of The Wizard’s Tower. This new 28mm PDF card stock set can be used as an objective or simply as terrain in your skirmish (or tactical) battles or roleplaying adventures. The corkscrew-shaped tower, sustained solely by magic and sacrifice, rises a full fourteen inches above the ground, two feet if you choose to build it with two full turns of the corkscrew. Of course, The Wizard’s Tower can be used with any fantasy system using 28mm figures–and any backstory you devise.

For roleplayers, floor tiles of the inside rooms are included–but the magic that sustains the tower enlarges the rooms beyond their exterior dimensions, so each room fits a four inch square footprint. With photorealistic textures The Wizard’s Tower pops out as it towers above your adventurers.

For a slide show go to and navigate to 28mm fantasy structures.

Remember, every Finger and Toe model comes with smoosh assurance: if ya’ll smoosh your Wizard’s Tower, a new one waits your summons (if you have the sacrifice) from hard drive and printer.

The Wizard’s Tower is available from or for $5.00.