Finger and Toe releases sci-fi landing pad

Finger and Toe have released a new sci-fi paper model terrain kit, the Octopad sci-fi landing pad.


From their announcement:

“Tango 571, you are cleared for landing. Be advised the ‘package’ is very concerned you have sufficient champagne and cigars to get him through this inspection trip.” With that and a grimace, Sgt Mason clicked off and watched the little Thunderbird light its vertical lift engines and begin the descent toward her landing pad. She would be well-rid of diva General Sullivan in just a few minutes. Let him go pester other people with his stupid questions and silly demands. Coyote or general’s aide, she didn’t care; God, she needed to kill something.”

Finger and Toe Models announce its latest release, Octopad, a 28mm sci-fi landing pad for your VTOL . . . and if you don’t have a VTOL handy to support your troops, Octopad includes the Thunderbird assault transport, small, but perfect for those spec-ops teams (or for your general’s ego need for a cool ride).

Octopad stands about two inches tall and comes with the parts to make either a eight inch wide or a massive twelve-inch wide platform. The Thunderbird is a little under two inches tall and four and a half long. There are extra page of bits for kit-bashing .

Like all Finger and Toe models, Octopad comes with Smoosh Assurance: if your gamer friends smoosh your model, just print up a new one. No waiting for a fifty dollar model to come in the mail. Just a little ink, a few sheets of card stock, some glue, and a refreshing beverage while you cut and glue.

Octopad is available for $4.00 exclusively at and

Finger and Toe’s motto, “Because they don’t cost you an arm and a leg,” explains the company’s philosophy: affordable scenery and model sets for wargamers. Visit the website, look around, have fun. If you like what you see, try our other products at RPGNOW or Wargames Vault.