Finger and Toe releases Pharaoh: The Temple

Finger and Toe have released an Egyptian themed terrain set, Pharaoh: The Temple.

Pharaoh: The Temple

From their announcement:

Come away with to the banks of the sacred Nile. Walk along a processional way lined with sphinxes as priestesses, dancers, and musicians celebrate the great festival. Burly, shaven-headed priests carry the sacred bark on their shoulders toward the temple. Enter the outer courtyard through a massive pylon gate, then through a second gate enter the dark and forbidding hypostyle hall, before finally reaching the gloomy sanctuary. Enter Pharaoh: The Temple the latest release from Finger and Toe Models using authentic textures from field research in Egypt.

This is not a quick and easy model. A full temple complex would cover an area two by four feet; although, you can build the way the Egyptians did: start small and expand. Doing that, you could easily have a skirmish site or adventure built in a short evening.

There are nineteen pages of instructions and thirty-eight pages of model sheets.

Parts List:

  • Pylon gate (sixteen inches wide and over eight tall),
  • Eight types of walls to form the temple courtyards,
  • Two types of pillars,
  • Two types of pillar capitals,
  • Two types of bases,
  • An obelisk (twelve and a half inches tall!),
  • Roof segments,
  • Sacred bark,
  • Processional way sphinxes,
  • Pavement.

Pharaoh: The Temple can be used with either 28mm or 15mm figures, giving it great versality in your wargames terrain collection.

Remember, every Finger and Toe model comes with smoosh assurance: if ya’ll smoosh your Pharaoh: The Temple, a new set waits your summons from hard drive and printer.

Pharaoh: The Temple is available from or for $12.00.