Finger and Toe releases Gun Tower

Gun Tower.jpgFinger and Toe have released a new Gun Tower cardstock terrain piece.

From their announcement:
Finger and Toe Models announce its latest release, Arsenal: Gun Tower.
Arsenal: Gun Tower is designed for 28mm skirmish wargaming with any gaming system or rules. In addition to being a free standing model in the Arsenal series, Arsenal: Gun Tower is also an expansion for Tango Prime: Core Set.

Arsenal: Gun Tower has two swappable weapons that work with a simple plug and sleeve system. In addition, the plug and sleeves are textured allowing you to use them as separate weapons (a bombard, laser, and rocket launcher).

Arsenal: Gun Tower stands six inches tall. The tower is two inches in diameter.

Visit the Finger and Toe blog at for more detailed pictures and a blog discussion of the Arsenal: Gun Tower, as well as previews of upcoming releases.

Arsenal: Gun Tower is available for $1.00 exclusively at and

Finger and Toe’s motto, “Because they don’t cost you an arm and a leg,” explains the company’s philosophy: affordable scenery and model sets for wargamers. Visit the website, look around, have fun. If you like what you see, try our other products at RPGNOW or Wargames Vault.