Find out who is in the tavern

Catloaf Games has a Kickstarter campaign running for Who Is In The Tavern, their gaming aid for DMs to populate drinking halls.


From the campaign:

They say that a picture says a thousand words. Why describe your tavern NPC’s by reading text off of a boring trait sheet or generator when you can show them a FULL COLOR PHOTO of the NPC, and have important tavern stats to go along with them!

This project strives to answer the ever eluding question, “Who is in the Tavern?” with ease and complete clarity. Long have Game Masters and story writers had difficulties answering this question in the middle of the session. With these cards, gone are the days of the boring tavern encounters and bland bartenders and barmaids.

The plan is to create two (2) decks of 54 standard playing cards, each based on the ever-important submissions of our backers! The first deck consists of those NPC’s Game Masters struggle to flesh out on the spot, everyday people one might encounter anywhere in any given town, named ‘Townsfolk’. The second deck focuses exclusively on Adventurers, those that you might meet or even use as concepts for a new character, named ‘Adventurers’!

Each card will be designed with the help of our backer’s submissions. If you are a backer at the contributor level, you will be able to submit a full color photo of yourself or one of your characters. Photos must be solely the property of the contributor, and will be reviewed for inappropriate content. See below for more details on how the content submissions will work!