Final week for Reaper CAV up on Kickstarter

Reaper is in their final week for CAV: Strike Operations on Kickstarter. They’re hovering just under $150k. Will they be able to make it and more before the end? Only your pledges will decide.

Cav Rulebook


From the campaign:

$141,000 reached! We’re now adding the Katana and x2 Dingoes to your Core Force! And you can can get more of them for just $4 more per model ($4 gets you 2 Dingoes!)

AND we’re giving you the ability to also get the Archer for +$5, and 2 Naginatas for +$4!!


    Awesome deal and great mini’s. Awesome reaper kickstarter!

  • 4tonmantis

    I love Reaper and I can’t wait for my Bones 2, I just couldn’t get behind this. I’m sure I’ll pick up a few of these eventually (waaaay down the road) but the buy-ins and pledges were for someone who had a serious need and I just don’t. It’s a shame that they aren’t doing another Bones Mini kickstarter that has 28mm.. and that this should be the last hurrah so to speak. When they said they were doing a sci-fi KS this is definitely not what I thought they meant.