Final hours for Upcycled Machine Dice on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Accessories
Dec 9th, 2013

Eagle Claw Designs only has a few hours left for their Upcycled Machine Dice Kickstarter campaign.
This company has a long history of starting and canceling projects. They’ve only had one other go to time and it wasn’t successful. This one has made their goal (as of time of this post). So since they have more than one go to time now, I’m hoping they’ve turned over a new leaf and feel like I can post their news again. So buyer beware. I have no clue what their fulfillment will be like.


From the campaign:

Solid Polyhedral, D6 with PIPS, Fudge, Artillery & ScattR Dice machined from recycled aluminum metal. Let’s Recycle, Roll and Play!

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  • roninjotatan

    they have a old deleted account on kickstarter
    the person NEVER appears in anything but a small little picture and a hand rolling dice
    several start and stop attempts
    can not disclose the manufacture of the dice

    For the price of two dice i can buy 5 of the same dice off of ebay.

    Good luck everyone who gives this person money.

  • slykly1

    With all the starts and stops of previous projects that have mostly been dice but other randoms things as well leads me to not believe the project creator.

    Hours before the end of the project she did show a pair of d8s but they don’t look machined at all. And with the number colored in they look like she just bought them somewhere and are passing them off as her own.

    Also the 3d designs she posted as well as the picture of the d8s are showing internal corners. CNC Machining is done with round tools and it is impossible to machine out those numbers with internal corners. If they were machined they would be slightly rounded.

    I think she is not going to deliver and if she does they will be dice that she is buying from somewhere else and they will probably be cast dice and not machined dice.

    Time will tell but I don’t have high hopes.