Final hours for Hell Dorado Kickstarter from Cipher Studios

Cipher Studios is in their final couple hours over on Kickstarter. They’ve blown away their original goal. Can they get even higher before the clock ticks zero?

From the campaign:

Home Stretch

We’re knocking down the stretch goals and we’re about to hit 6 digits with over 800 backers.

I’ve been crazy busy at the GAMA trade show and have some good news. Cipher is working with Battlefoam to design a Hell Dorado branded carrying case. You’ll be able to buy a bag specifically designed for the needs of the Hell Dorado gamer. This will also be a great place to put your Hell Dorado patch! Stay tuned while we get the design worked out and create the perfect bag.

We’re also revealing our next big stretch goal. If we hit $115,000 we will make a Core Hardcover Rulebook available for upgrade or Add On.

  • Mahrdol

    This is what you get for double Hellgate

    Double Hellgate Breakdown $180

    4x starter packs $120 can be traded

    2x core book $60 can be traded

    2x Inferno Rulebook $60 can be traded

    2x Inferno deck $30

    2x exclusive KS miniature $30

    2x Art Print ???

    2x Limited edition/alt miniature $35

    2x Dice $10

    2x HD patch $16

    2x HD measuring Tape/ruler $6

    2x Free $10 miniature $20

    2x Free PDF rulebooks

    $240 possible trade ins

    $387 Value + 2 art prints +Pdf Rulebooks

    • grimbergen

      The value of some of these, like the tape and dice, are questionable, but yes, even those notwithstanding, this is an amazing deal. I’m glad I got in the early bird for double hellgate.