Final days for Pop-Up Miniature Terrain from Stonehaven Miniatures

Stonehaven Miniatures is in their final days for their Pop-Up Miniature Terrain Kickstarter. They’re closing in on 8x their goal, so check out the extras and addd-ons.

Pop-up Terrain


From the campaign:

Tabletop Terrain is seldom destroyed during play. The real problem is storage and transportation. How to you field enough terrain to populate a 4×8 table and still have room in your dorm to sleep? The answer is Pop-up Terrain! It stores easily and can be taken anywhere. Also, it looks sweet!

  • Soulfinger

    This is super cool. I may actually back it if I can psych myself up enough about all of the cutting and assembly, seeing how awful I am at making things out of paper.