Final Days for Olleys Armies Scrunt Kickstarter Campaign

Olleys Armies has just a week to go in their Scrunt Empire Kickstarter campaign. They’ve made it through their basic funding goal and are looking to make it through the stretch goals where many extra styles of minis will be made available. The first set to be unlocked will be the Argonauts. After that will be the Cenobite Brotherhood.

From the campaign:

We are in the final week of the “Armies of the Scrunt Empire” Kickstarter, thanks to an awesome group of backers we have reached our funding goal and unlocked the Sea Battalion Scrunts. So now our sights are set on reaching our Stretchgoals, the first will unlock The Argonauts and the second will unlock The Cenobite Brotherhood. But we need your help, please share our Kickstarter with a friend or become a backer from only £1! Plus we still have a limited number of exciting earlybird reward levels left to claim.
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  • Stretchgoal Amounts Reduced!

    Good News, we’ve just made those stretchgoals more
    achievable, the Argonauts stretchgoal has been reduced by £183 to £3,867, the
    Cenobites reduced by £498 to £5,102, The Prussian Colonials by a wopping £1,577
    to £5291, I won’t list the others but the final stretchgoal that will unlock
    everything has dropped by a massive £2,562 and is now £6,236.

    We have been able to do this by reducing Bob’s design fee
    from the first sets and removing it altogether from set Four onwards, this
    means it was not only the design fee we were able to deduct but also the
    largest proportion of the reduction came from removing the expenses for
    casting, postage allowance and Kickstarter fees that are generated to pay for
    those design fees.

    So we are hoping we have done enough to make all of Bob’s
    wonderful sculpts available through this Kickstarter. We’ve reached almost
    £7,000 for the previous Kickstarter so we have every hope we can make it this