Final Contents Announced For Halo: Ground Command Starter Set

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 20th, 2016

You’ve been waiting patiently (or possibly less-than-patiently, but I can’t really blame you) and the time is almost here. Spartan Games will be releasing their second game to take place in the Halo universe with Halo: Ground Battles. We’re just over a month away from you getting them and the final Starter Box contents have been announced.

So, what can you expect? Well, the UNSC gets a Command Base, 2 trooper units, a fire support unit, 3 Spartan bases, and 2 Warthogs. Meanwhile, the Covenant will be countering with their own Command Base, 3 Grunt Units, a HunterUnit, and 3 Ghosts. What else comes in the box? There’s the rulebook (as you’d expect), stat sheets for all the figures, all the dice you’ll need for the game, tokens, templates, and even some scenery.

The games will be shipped to distributors on July 20th, with direct sales to customers on the 27th.


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  • BDUB

    Ugh ={

    • Andrew Franke

      Hmmm I think the game looks promising. I take it you don’t like halo or miniatures games?

      • BDUB

        I love miniatures. I have a lot invested in a great many of them, and a great many of those are from Spartan. But I can’t stand Halo – check that…I HATE HALO. So, this all just looks like the franchise I least like robbing resources and time from the Spartan franchise, and consequently the games/miniatures I have so much time money and energy invested in…..hence the exasperation. Make sense?

        • Andrew Franke

          You are not a fan of the computer Game or the universe. Do you not like FPS games or Multiplayer FPS games. I like the universe ideas but not so much the games after the first one.

          The part about any game you hate taking away from the resources of a company that produces games you love makes total sense to me. Example Team Yankee. I love Bolt action from Warlord. But i prefer 15mm for skirmish games and like some of the Minis from Flames of War line in 15mm. I like Moderns too but not in 1/285th scale as it makes more sense so I hate the Team Yankee line.

          • BDUB

            I’ve just never cared for the Franchise, and I have never enjoyed the games. I used to be a fairly ardent FPS player – my favorite being the Battlefield franchise (except for 3, yuck) – I still have a soft-spot for 1942. I can still remember playing the first HALO at E3 when it came out, and thinking, this is dog shit – I’m going back home to play more Team Fortress.

          • odinsgrandson

            Sometimes a company makes new games and they take away resources from their existing game lines.

            But sometimes, they just make more games. It really depends on how they are growing the company.

            So it is possible that the addition of Halo stuff won’t rob Spartan’s other lines.

            But maybe it will. It depends on how they manage, really.

            Personally, I’m a fan of HALO, but I prefer to game in 30mm scale, so this doesn’t look like it is my own cup of tea either.

          • BDUB

            Very true, but if Spartan’s past perfomance in rolling out and supporting additional lines is any indication, it does not bode well. This isnt my first dance with Spartan.

          • Andrew Franke

            I tend to agree with BDUB here. Spartan tends to expand when they are ready to pull an old line or reduce support see uncharted seas. I think the next up is going to be based on huge discounts one of the two Steampunk lines. EIther the 28mm or the Micro scale.


        In my opinion, the two pictures look too much like computer graphics, not miniatures. A zoomed out picture of 15mm unpainted miniatures or renders of miniatures doesn’t help give any idea of what these will look like in real life. I don’t really care about Halo, either.