Final 24 hours for Wrath of Kings on Kickstarter

Wrath of Kings is in their final 24 hours up on Kickstarter and they’ve added in a deal-sweetener for those of you gamers who, like me, love the giant monsters. If you buy 3 of the same one, you’ll get 1 free.


From the update:

For the larger games you can take up to 4 Rank 2 Specialists – and if you really feel like scaring an opponent, how about 4 Monsters? With this special, it just got a lot more affordable..

If you get 3 identical Monsters, get the 4th one of the same type on us!

  • Nachtpfiffel

    I hate duplicates!
    With Zombicide it is ok, but not for a Fantasy-game where you recognice them so easy- especially if the duplicates are giant dragon riders.

  • CaffeineBoy

    Yeah, not a big fan of the last two stretch goals. Still, I’m tempted by multiple octoriders! Even if they’re not usable in those quantities in the wargame, I’m looking forward to throwing them at my RPG group. 😀

  • Vaxillus

    Keep in mind a lot of variant parts have been unlocked, even for the larger monsters. By mixing and matching you can get a lot of variation, though I suppose you’re still stuck with the pose if you don’t want to try converting anything.

  • estrus

    I’ve been hemming and hawing at this one from the beginning. At first I didn’t like the style, but it’s grown on me. Can’t beat the value. In at Ancient King!