Filigree Forge running Barbarians of Lemuria: Mythic Edition Kickstarter

Filigree Forge has a Kickstarter campaign going for Barbarians of Lemuria: Mythic Edition. They’ve made their goal, so it’s on to stretch goals for the next 26 days.

Filigree Forge


From the campaign:

Now it’s time to update BoL! The Mythic Edition is the best version yet – it takes all the ideas from the fans that have made BoL into the finest sword-and-sorcery system there is and makes it even better. Mainly it’s just more of everything: more creatures, more adventures, more background and setting, mass warfare, sea battles and so on. There are some rule changes, but these just make the game even more straightforward so you can just get on with the action!

All in all, we’re excited to bring Barbarians of Lemuria: Mythic Edition to you, and hope you are just as pleased with this fabulous game.