FFG to stop offering Wings of War

By tgn_admin
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Jun 20th, 2011

Fantasy Flight Games will no longer continue to sell the Wings of War range of games and accessories.

Update: Nexus Games have posted an announcement regarding their distribution of the WIngs of War range.

From their announcement:

After over half a decade of publishing Wings of War, the wonderful card and miniatures game of nail-biting WWI and WWII aerial combat, we at Fantasy Flight Games must now announce that we will no longer be offering future releases or new printings for this line.

While our current Wings of War stock will remain available until it is gone, all future products in this line will be handled directly by NG International/Nexus Games. We would like to thank NG/Nexus for the success of Wings of War of the past six years, and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Distributors seeking more information on continuing to carry Wings of War should contact NG International through [email protected]


    And another firesale from FFG… Another killed game after having been drained to the maximum…

    • Jeff Cope

      That’s certainly one way of looking at it. I think it’s more likely that FFG’s terms with Nexus have come to an end, and Nexus has been building their own International sales since at least last year.

      I expect the same thing to happen with War of the Ring and other Nexus-developed product.

    • Zac

      I’m not sure what basis you have for those comments. For all you know NG and FFG had a limited time deal and one or both sides decided not to extend it. FFG could just want to focus on their own games for instance

      • You mean besides the fact he has worked in the industry for years and worked for companies that have dealt with FFG and seen them do the EXACT same thing? Just sayin’.

        • Zac

          Seeing someone do something doesn’t mean that you have any idea of the underlying reasons.

          FFG distributes games. They stock those games. When they no longer have an agreement to distribute them they either return the stock or sell it themselves.

          In this case SHWTD is assuming that there is some sort of “firesale”. That isn’t the case at all. FFG is selling their remaining stock at regular prices.

    • Sevej

      I believe it’s nothing as such. NG has grown bigger and bigger that they’re confident with their own US distribution. WoW is not FFG’s best-selling stuff, but it’s pretty good. There is a possibility that War of the Ring 2nd edition will also be distributed by NG only, not FFG. The 1st edition is also one of FFG’s best-selling game.

  • Its a great, simple, fun game. I cant recommend it enough

  • Nemesis

    I wonder why NG cannot buy back the stock. This would be a good solution if they have the cash to.
    Or at least I hope (for NG) that they have an agreement that WoW products will not be part of FFG annual Holiday fire sale.

    • Zac

      I wonder why NG cannot buy back the stock.

      Who knows. Maybe they don’t want to pay shipping for it? From what I have seen, FFG doesn’t have a lot of stock left.


    Apart from my useless sarcastic comment, I believe that FFG gets rid of a game that was on a constant decrease in sales. I don’t blame them for it.

    Still, I would bet 4 or 5 GWs (the famous Zac invention of unique currency) that the fire sale will occur just around GenCon. 🙂

    • Zac

      If they do bring stock to GenCon you can be assured of sale prices. No-one wants to shop product back from GenCon 🙂 Costs too much in most cases.