FFG March releases

Fantasy Flight Games have posted a list of some of their March 2010 releases.

  • CT32 Call of Cthulhu LCG: Secrets of Arkham Expansion
  • DH11 Dark Heresy: Ascension
  • GOT53 A Game of Thrones A Sword in the Darkness Chapter Pack
  • RT03 Rogue Trader: Lure of the Expanse
  • VA09 Arkham Horror (reprint)
  • WHC02 Warhammer Invasion LCG: Skaven Blight Threat Battle Pack (reprint)
  • WHC03 Warhammer Invasion LCG: Path of the Zealot Battle Pack (reprint)
  • WHC04 Warhammer Invasion LCG: Tooth and Claw Battle Pack (reprint)
  • WHF04 Warhammer Fantasy Role Play: Gathering Storm
  • WHC08 Warhammer Invasion LCG: Assult on Ulthuan Expansion
  • WW219a Wings of War Balloon Busters (De Guibert)
  • WW219b Wings of War Balloon Busters (Johnson/Prince)