• Zac

    Well colour me wrong on this one. I thought it wasn’t coming out. Kudos to those folks who predicated its release after the last GoW game was released.

    • Sevej

      I have slight suspicion that it may be a totally different game from what it was.

  • Grim6

    I had expected it to use the Doom / Descent mechanics, but it looks noticeably different. There doesn’t seem to be typical square tiles, but rather room sections (like Mansions of Madness?), and the die mechanics seem pretty different as well. The minis look pretty good to. Definitely will keep an eye on this.

  • The minis look very nice, but I’m a little underwhelmed at the board. I’m betting they’ll be running demos at Gen Con so I’ll have to see for myself there.

  • Those figs look better than the Clix figs they previewed.

    • Zac

      And so everyone is clear, different companies involved. WizKids did the Clix figs and FFG is designing their own minis for this game

  • Indeed, it’s fun to see this one finally showing up, for we were talking about it recently. Suddenly lost all interest for the GoW Clix perspective …

    • Grim6

      Sort of an odd cannibalization of their own IP within the table top game space, huh?

  • supervike

    Looks good. I too thought this project was long dead. Heck, I’d probably buy it just for the minis, and think of the game as just icing on the cake.

  • abbysdad

    The game looks great. And I’m sure I can find uses for those figures in Bounty.

  • Space Ghost

    30 miniatures in this box, at $80, that’s just over $2 a figure even if you don’t play the game. The sculpts look nice and detailed …. I may have buy a box or two (or three) just for the figures. Love Gears of War!