FFG announce Descent Sea of Blood miniatures

Fantasy Flight Games will be releasing three miniatures for Descent Sea of Blood sculpted by Cipher Studios.

From their website:

The distant shores of Torue Albes run red – a new overlord has emerged to lay siege to the free cities of the island kingdom. However, a band of heroes have rediscovered a legendary ship that may be the turning point in the battles to come.

And now a new terror enters the field of battle. Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the first three metal lieutenant miniatures for the Sea of Blood expansion to Descent: Journeys in the Dark. These detailed sculpts by Cipher Studios, the creators of Anima Tactics, will bring a new dimension to your Sea of Blood campaign.

The keening song of the Siren can tempt even the staunchest sailors overboard, beckoning them to join her skeletal companions for the rest of eternity. Beautiful and dangerous, the Siren can lure the heroes to a watery death… unless they resist her charms. Her stunning metal miniature will lure you to your friendly local game store soon.