FFG announce BattleLore: Horrific Horde Goblin Army Pack

Fantasy Flight Games have announced the impending release of the BattleLore: Horrific Horde Goblin Army Pack.

From their website:

Coming this Summer, Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce a major release that will have Goblinoid commanders across the realm screeching with delight. Get ready for the BattleLore: Horrific Horde Goblin Army Pack, the newest expansion set for BattleLore that comes jam-packed with exactly what you need to field an entirely Goblinoid army.

BattleLore: Horrific Horde provides fourty-two additional figures for your BattleLore army, including two never-before-seen troop types, as well as even more of the primary Goblinoid staples that are available in both the core set and the Goblin Marauders expansion. With all these added units, Goblins will no longer be relegated to serving as mercenary forces for a standard human army. The time has come to let loose the fury of the Horde.