Fenris Giant Deep Ones on pre-order

Fenris Games are now taking pre-orders for their Giant Deep Ones miniatures.

Giant Deep Ones

From their announcement:

We’ve finally got pre-production casts of the Giant Deep Ones from our Lost Shores miniatures range, and are now taking pre-orders on orders@fenrisgames.com

Each mini comes in several parts and is supplied with a 40mm scenic base designed to hold water effects-type finishes for a properly just-crawled-ashore look.

Priced at £14 each or £25 the pair, we’re hoping to have these ready for posting by September 13th.

We also have our old (previously resin-only) Wyrdworld rhino warrior now available in white metal, priced as above.

Update: the original Deep Ones are back in stock now – £30 the set of 8 plus postage, including bases.