Fenris Games taking pre-orders for H.P. Lovecraft bust

Fenris Games has started taking orders for their new H.P. Lovecraft bust they’ve been working on.

HPL Summoner bust


From the announcement:

Phil Hynes has sculpted a cracking 1/6th scale bust of old longfaced HPL himself and it’s up in our webshop at a pre-order reduced price. 9-piece, 110mm tall kit with an 80mm diameter display plinth.

  • jorl
    • Soulfinger

      Not that it excuses him, but Lovecraft’s attitudes were representative of his time. He wrote his stories back when over 4 million Americans were active members of the KKK and discourse on race was worse than reading the comments thread on a FOX News story. Around the same time, Henry Ford was using his dealerships to distribute anti-Semitic materials. Hitler was inspired by Ford and mentioned him in Mein Kampf. The Nazi regime gave him an award. Yet, this bigotry is rarely associated with the company that bears his name. The Bayer corporation manufactured the Zyklon B gas used in concentration camps and performed human experimentation on Jews at Auschwitz. Again, something we rarely consider when shopping for aspirin. I appreciate Nnedi Okorafor’s misgivings, but that dichotomy is the way of the world. Many of our “great” people were deeply flawed human beings. Do Lovecraft’s accomplishments as an author transcend his shortcomings as a human being? Can we celebrate the former while acknowledging the latter? At the very least, I can say that I feel less unnerved buying one of his novels than I do something from companies that contributed to the deaths of six million Jews. The Henry Fords of the world scare me more than a shoggoth.

      • jorl

        I love the Mythos stories and I understand what your are saying. If I would like to show my love for the work, than I would prefer I statue of a shoggoth. The car fanatics also surely prefer car miniatures over a statue of Henry Ford. I always have mixed feelings about being fan of someone rather than being fan of one particular thing he or she did.