Fenris Games posts WIP of Chaugnar Faugn

By Polar_Bear
In Horror
Sep 9th, 2013

Fenris Games is showing off this preview WIP of Chaugnar Faugn.


From the preview:

Monday morning, and more Cthulhu Wars WIP sculpting. This time, everyone’s favourite elephant-headed, flab-encrusted yoga teacher….Chaugnar Faugn.

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  • .Interesting… Suddenly I have a craving for flapjacks. I do like the model.

    • winter


  • jedijon

    I realize it’s a huge model – but still, I get excited any time I see REAL FINGERS on a figurine! 🙂 Nice job Fenris folks. I didn’t back this project due to the spectre of undeliverability…didn’t think the sculpts were going to live up to the hype. I’ll be happily surprised if 75+% of them are something you’d want to own for their own sake.

    This would be one!

  • jedijon

    BTW – almost all hands are either gripping weapon or are otherwise sculpted as a textured mitten.