February releases from Dream Pod 9

Dream Pod 9 have posted details of their February releases for Heavy Gear.

From their website:

The latest miniatures from Dream Pod 9 are now available to order on the DP9 Online Store. This weeks featured product, shown at the top of the left menu buttons, is the South G.P. Cadre (DP9-9022) which is only $36.35 this week (from Friday, February 12th to Thursday night, February 18th). We added the weekly featured product special (DP9 Online Store orders only) to DP9 Website and Online Store at the start of the year, that receives a special 9% off discount.

The February releases include the new North Koala Two Pack (DP9-9174, 2 Koalas, extra weapons and datacards, $29.95) and two new boxsets. For the CEF we have the Kommando Frame Squad (DP9-9172, boxset of 4 minis and datacards, $49.95) and for the Black Talon we have the Observation and Recon Team (DP9-91713 boxset of 4 minis and datacards, $39.95).

Upcoming eBook and Book releases that we are working on include Operation: Drop Bears Dive! (DP9-9175), which will be our first Exclusive eBook Only Release later in February and the second book in the War for Terra Nova Campaign entitled Terra Nova Gambit (DP9-9155) in March/April, available as both an eBook and printed Full Color Book. The South Silverscale Two Pack (DP9-9177) originaly scheduled for this month has been moved to March along with a new release of the Dingo Two Pack (DP9-9180) for the North. The new CEF Utopian Colonial Corp Allies from the new Terra Nova Gambit book to be released at the same time as the new book is ready in March/April.