February GZG releases

Ground Zero Games have announced their releases for February.

From their website:

The latest releases in our ever-growing range. All items below are moulded and in production, you’ll find them in the Vehicles And Buildings pages of the Stargrunt 15mm store section.

15mm vehicles

  • V15-80A AV-7 “FanVan” Utility Transport VTOL – 10 part all-metal kit, with positionable fan nacelles and chin turret with tribarrel cannon. £8.00
  • V15-PB80 “Flight” Deal of 3 x AV-7 VTOLs £22.00
  • V15-81A Kra’Vak Grav Attack Drones (pack of 2) inc. clear plastic stands £3.50 per pack.

All-New Colony Building range: a blend of “shanty town” makeshift shacks with a SciFi twist, designed to look as though they are built from cargo containers and bits of panelling from the colonists’ original ships – great for newly-settled colonies on outrim worlds, or even for post-apocalypse games.

  • V15-COL1A Colony Bar (basic structure) – makeshift building from welded shipping containers, with signboard and porch £9.00
  • V15-COL1B Colony Bar (with extension) – as COL1A, but with added lean-to side extension (kitchen, store etc.) £12.00
  • V15-COL2A Large shipping container (5 part kit, approx. 70mm x 28mm) £6.00
  • V15-COL3 Single Colony Shack/Shanty – RANDOM MIX of parts to make 1 shack (4 walls, 1 roof) £5.00
  • V15-COL4 SHACK SET – mix of parts to make FIVE colony shacks, all different, plus FREE accessories. £22.00

Introductory Special Offer
Buy the V15-COL4 Shack Set before the end of February and we’ll give you a free randomly-chosen pack of 15mm SF civilians/colonists to populate your settlement.

Or buy the Shack Set and the Colony Bar (either A or B version) before the end of February and we’ll give you TWO different civilian/colonist packs free.

To claim your free pack(s), you must mention this offer and ask for them in the “comments” field of the order – if you don’t ask, you don’t get. 😉

This introductory offer ends midnight UK time On Sunday 28Th February 2010.