Fat Dragon releases 28mm Castle Winterhawk

Fat Dragon Games have released a new paper terrain kit, the 28mm Castle Winterhawk.

Castle Winterhawk

From their announcement:

Fat Dragon Games has just released the base set for their Castle Winterhawk terrain series.

The Castle Winterhawk base set has everything you need to make massive castles or keeps. This set includes our innovative Dragon Layers options which allows you to customize your models before printing. Add snow, icicles, vines, bushes, stains and more (even yellow puddles in the snow, if you know what we mean), all with a few easy clicks. Best of all the entire set is E-Z LOCK compatible, making building and take down a snap using common bobby-pins for all connections, and everything comes apart for easy storage.

This set includes:

  • Gridless and 1″ grid tile options
  • Castle Walls in 1″, 2″, 4″ and 6″ wide versions
  • Castle towers, complete with upper level interiors
  • 3D Spiral stairs for towers
  • Beautiful 3D and ‘fast build’ 2D crenelation options
  • E-Z LOCK pieces for all structures
  • Gatehouse with portcullis that can be positioned raised or lowered
  • Opening gatehouse doors
  • Interior buildings with removable roofs and floor levels for interior play
  • Customizable ground tiles with grass, grass/dirt, partially snow covered, full snow, wood, and stone options.
  • All new E-Z LOCK designs for buildings, including the ability to stack multiple levels securely
  • E-Z LOCK slanted roofs!
  • Wooden hoardings that can be swapped out in seconds
  • Optional wooden tower roofs
  • Full color instructions
  • Our exclusive Beginners Guide