Fanticide is now up on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Aug 23rd, 2012

Alien Dungeon is looking for funding for Fanticide over on Kickstarter. Check ’em out and maybe pledge some.

From the campaign:

You have seen the previews and excitement has been building for the release of this 28mm Fantasy skirmish game written by Rick Priestley, Andy Chambers and Alessio Cavatore. Now is the time to make it all yours! We have launched Fanticide today on Kickstarter so head over now to see the amazing offers we have for you if you pledge today! If you aren’t yet familiar with Fanticide, then all the information is waiting for you there as well.

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  • tyrela

    Great to see this finally coming out.

  • AlienDungeon

    Here is the rest of the announcement:
    Why Kickstarter?
    One of the most common questions asked with any new project is why bring it to Kickstarter? Well, Kickstarter will allow us to bring even more great options to you sooner rather than later.

    The rulebook is a 128 page, full color hardback book and is currently being printed. It also comes with a 68 full color card activation deck which is essential to the game (also at the printers). We have a great preview of the rulebook on our website for you here:

    All four of the starter warbands are being cast and packed as well.

    With Kickstarter, we can now bring out our laser cut Magic Templates and get MORE figures sculpted (the Spell Dominants you can summon, new Warband unit choices, and more). We will also have the opportunity to accelerate our plans for brand new warbands! As a thank you for helping with this process, we are offering incentives and deals to get you playing Fanticide if you pledge now.

    So click over today and see all the great ways you can be a part of Fanticide!

  • lordofexcess

    This would be a great paring with the Reaper Kickstarter. To be honest the minis are not very interesting to me as I have a metric %&* ton of fantasy figs. But the rules!! By that design team … essentially the dream team … is very interesting.

  • surprize

    Very impressive design team. Not really feeling the game though, Eureka minis aren’t really the highest quality in terms of sculpts. I can see why the pairing appeals as they have that old school look that the game seems to be tapping into but I hope people don’t confuse the game with these minis (as I did for ages). I like to get a much better idea of what the game is before I’d ever consider dropping money on it. (whisper it but Rick, Alessio and Andy have turned out the occasional turkey over 20+ years). How about a short 2-3min video with example game play?

  • tyrela

    There are some videos on the website.

  • tyrela

    $5000 Reached – We’re halfway there!

    New Update on the project

    “Thank you all so much for the great reception to the Fanticide Kickstarter. We have reached the halfway goal already and we are only 2 days into the project! As a thank you for this fantastic support, all backers at the Slasher Level ($45) and Above will now receive this fantastic Unicorn model absolutely free!

    The Unicorns of Nowhere are voracious killing machines and not your usual sparkly, happy creatures! As a crucial Event Card in the game, we wanted to make sure that everyone had one as soon as possible!

    So thank you again for your support and keep spreading the word. We are planning some other surprises for you before it is all over!”

  • drew274

    Cannot wait to get my hands on the book and some figures. I like the older style, not over the top minis.