Fantasy Football: Alastoran – Demons and Chaos Up On Kickstarter

While the American Football season might be a while away, you can get yourself a game of tabletop fantasy football just about any time. But you might be thinking you’d like a new team to hit the field. Have no fear, for Greebo Games is here with just that. Well, maybe fear a little. They are demons and whatnot. The team’s up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Greebo Games is a well known Italian manufacturer of miniatures, born to create fantasy football miniatures back in 2006. We have started producing board games and different types of fantasy sports games, in addition to collaborations with several Italian and international firms and manufacturers.

During our years of activity, the work of our sculptors and producers, and their love and devotion, have been fundamental to develop the company. New technological achievements guarantee remarkable improvements in quality, and we are committed to maintaining the craftsmanship, artistic creativity, attention to details and the demands of our clients, not to mention an undying respect for the history of fantasy and all its traditions, incarnations and developments.

Here at Greebo Games, we strive to create components for tabletop games and top-notch quality collections, by putting our knowledge and skills to your service.

Sculpting, creating prototypes, 3D printing, producing metal and resin casts, illustrations and character designs: here at Greebo, we are ready and willing to give you all you need to make your product from A to Z. All items for sale in our collection are exclusively approved inside Greebo Games’ workshops.