Fantasy Flight Previews Magic in Realms of Terrinoth

Realms of Terrinoth is the upcoming setting book for the Genesys RPG system. It takes players down into the same world as Runewars and Runebound. It’s a mythical land filled with all manner of magical creatures, items, and powers. But how do those work within the setting? In this preview, we get a look at just that.

From the post:

Mennara is a land defined by its source of magic. Shards of an ancient orb allow magic users to harness powerful energies—to conjure pyres of fire, to turn the very air into freezing ice, to inspire terror in those around them, and so much more. Now, you can bring these instruments to life!

Join us today as designer Tim Huckelbery examines the history of these ancient runes, and how they are implemented in Realms of Terrinoth, the new sourcebook for the Genesys Roleplaying System. Read on to get a glimpse of the magical options available to you in the land of Mennara, and be sure to pre-order Realms of Terrinoth from your local retailer or our website today!