Fantasy Flight Posts A Preview of the IG-2000 Expansion Pack for X-Wing

By Polar_Bear
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Jan 12th, 2015

Fantasy Flight Games posted up a new preview for X-Wing with a look at the IG-2000 pack. The name of the game with the IG-2000 is “Location, Location, Location.” With a very versatile maneuver dial and lots of ways to tack on extra actions for more movement, it shouldn’t be too hard to get the IG-2000 exactly where you want it to be on the map. Plus, there are 4 unique versions of the ship, and with each, you can potentially share piloting abilities between them. So yeah, want a ship with potentially 4 pilot abilities? That’s possible.


From the post:

The Aggressor is no freighter, shuttle, or support ship. It’s a powerful assault fighter designed expressly for space combat and loaded with potent power cores and weapons systems.

In X-Wing, the Aggressor is an agile, tough, and hard-hitting fighter with a balanced stat array of three Attack, three Agility, four Hull, and four Shields. Additionally, the Aggressor’s action bar features the focus, target lock, and evade actions, as well as the boost action, making it the first large-base ship in X-Wing to feature the boost action natively.

All these stats and actions make the Aggressor an intimidating fighter to have bearing down upon you, but the real key to the ship is its loaded maneuver dial.

The Aggressor is able to perform every single straight maneuver, bank, or turn at speeds “1” and “2,” and most of them are green. Then, at speed “3,” the Aggressor features three green maneuvers, one straight and two banks, as well as two Segnor’s Loop maneuvers. Finally, the Aggressor also features a speed “4” Koiogran-turn.

Altogether, the Aggressor’s fully loaded maneuver dial ensures that you’ll always have one or two good maneuver options. Your opponent will never know exactly what to expect.

On the other hand, you’re going to need all the maneuverability and element of surprise that the Aggressor offers because it only features a forward firing arc. You don’t have a turret weapon or rear firing arc to help you compensate for botched maneuvers. Certainly, you can use your illicit upgrade slot to equip a “Hot Shot” Blaster or Feedback Array. However, you’ll still want to focus on your flying, as these upgrades are for limited use only.

In many ways, then, the Aggressor is the first large-base ship that’s all about its maneuvers, and that might just make it the most “natural” of the large-base ships yet to arrive to a miniatures game that is – at its heart – all about outmaneuvering your opponent in order to get the ideal shot.

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  • surprize

    I was really stoked when this game came out and got a lot of the early ships from the films. No idea what all this is about. With the next wave they have completely made up a ship having dug the depths of the (now unofficial) expanded universe for random stuff hardly anyone has heard of for the last two.

  • blkdymnd

    Not to mention, their stuff seems to come out at a lightning pace, that would be impossible for me to keep up with anyway

  • keltheos

    1) there’s fewer ships overall in the original movies than in the horrible Ep 1-3, fewer toys considered in the 70’s/80’s. They’ve exhausted that run of vessels, so they’re dipping into the mythology of the time frame to create other ships that didn’t have models before (good thing, IMO, really happy they did an Outrider). Since the Imperials don’t have a ship of a comparable size to the Tantive and transport they sorta had to go to the drawing board to balance the table space or Imperial fans are left out, how’s this bad again?

    2) Lighting pace in release announcements. I buy models during the releases, which is maybe once every three months and then some. Last buy was in October, IIRC, when they last actually put new things in the store. Pointing at FFG’s announcement cycle as a release cycle just means you don’t buy products that aren’t one-off boardgames from FFG with much frequency. 😉

  • Ghool

    It’s more the system itself that sells the game, and what makes it great. Having the Star Wars IP attached to it just helps the marketing.

    Having lots of options is never a bad thing. If they’re getting new ships from the unofficial canon, what’s the big deal? The game is good and the ships look awesome.

    • It’s not like the expanded universe was ever official cannon. I mean, it is clear from the few comics that I read that:

      1- the Empire conquered the Republic violently
      2- the clones of the “Clone Wars” were cloned Jedi
      3- there’s no prohibition against Jedi dating
      4- Medichlorians are not a thing

      Now, I’m not saying that one continuity is better than the other, but clearly they can’t all co-exist.

      That said, I see no reason why they can’t have a few different sized ships out there that didn’t appear in the films. And if some people only want to use ships that appeared in the original films from 1977-1983- well, that’s fine too.

  • KelRiever

    FFG has had plenty of time to get their production in line based on the popularity of the game. There is no excuse for the lack of available product at this point: If it is priced correctly and sells, and ramp up time was needed to meet demand, it should be done already.

    Can’t buy a game where I can’t get what I want. Seriously, FFG, I love ya but your product availability for this game stinkos.

  • surprize

    I’m just saying its not Star Wars any more. It’s a space game featuring the occasional star wars ship.

    It’s obviously not a “bad thing” for FFG as they are presumably raking it in. It’s a bad thing for me because I’m a huge Star Wars fan and used to play it a lot, but there isn’t the same fun in flying against random ships no one knows or recognises.

    • Xenu

      Every ship they’ve made so far comes from officially licensed star wars products, so yeah it’s Star Wars. The only thing that hasn’t is the new upcoming imperial ship, which they’ve worked directly with Lucas Film to create, so I’d say that’s Star Wars also. The Star Wars Christmas Special, yep unfortunately that’s Star Wars too. There’s nothing sacred about the first 3 movies, especially when Lucas would license Star Wars out to anyone for about anything for a quick buck. People (including Lucas) can try to retract things later, but it was all officially licensed.